Business Directory

Ace Bobcat & Septic Services

Home 5101 Polkey Road Duncan BC V9L 6W3 Canada Work Phone: 250-709-8942 Website:

Aero Furnace Duct and Chimney Cleaning LTD

Contact: Andrew Simpson
Work 2401F Millstream Rd Victoria British Columbia Canada Work Phone: (250) 479-0090 Website:

Alexander’s Chimney Service

Work 671 Redington Ave Victoria BC V9B 5J3 Canada Work Phone: (250) 478-1931 Work Fax: 250 478-1841 Website:

Appraisal Institute of Canada

Work Phone: 604-284-5515 Website:

Arq Electrical Systems

Work Phone: 778-977-6789 Website:

At First Sight Home Staging Solutions

Work Phone: 250.216.2529 Website:

Barry’s Moving & Storage

Work 17 – 831 Devonshire Road, Esquimalt BC, V9A 4T5 Work Phone: 1-877-475-0022 Website:

BC Assessment Authority

Work 400 – 3450 Uptown Blvd. Victoria BC V8Z 0B9 Work Phone: 1-866-825-8322 Website:

BC Housing Management Commission

Work Suite 201 – 3440 Douglas Street map Victoria BC V8Z 3L5 Work Phone: 250 475-7550 Website:

BC Hydro

Work 333 Dunsmuir Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5R3 Work Phone: 1-800-224-9376 Website:

BC Institute of Property Inspectors

Work Phone: (604) 585-2788 Website:

BC Safety Authority

Work Phone: 250-952-4444 Website:


Work 4567 Canada Way Burnaby, BC V5G4T1 Canada Work Phone: 1-877-325-8888 Website:

Bekins Moving & Storage

Work 6598 Bryn Rd. Saanichton, B.C. Canada V8M 1X6 Work Phone: (250) 544-2245 Website:

Brock T Emerton Law Corp

Work 317-877 Goldstream Avenue Victoria, BC V9B 2X8 Work Phone: 250-391-7777 Website:

Canada Home Builders Assn. (Victoria)

Work Phone: 1-800-267-1177 Website:

Canadian Assn. of Home and Property Inspectors

Work #5 – 3304 Appaloosa Road Kelowna, BC V1V 2W5 Work Phone: 1-855-224-7422 Website:

Canadian Housing & Mortgage Corp.

Work Phone: (250) 363-8040 Website:

Coast Environmental – Septic Services

Work 2673 Sooke Road Work Phone: 250-380-1166 Website:
Work 2B – 1140 Fort Street Work Phone: (250) 388-3821 Website:

Columbia Fuels

Work 2669 Wilfert Road Work Phone: 250-474-3533 Website:
Work  #305-771 Vernon Avenue Victoria, BC Work Phone: 250-475-2700 Website:

CRD Recycling / Waterworks

Work Phone: (250) 360-3000 Website:

Crest Building Consultancy

Work 5382 Parker Avenue Work Phone: 250-888-9182 Website:

D. Fritz Appraisals Inc.

Work 840 Royal Oak Ave Victoria, BC, Canada V8X 3T2 Work Phone: 250.413.7319 Website:
Work Phone: 250-686-8306 Website:

Derek’s Appliance Services

Work 207-2750 Quadra Street Work Phone: 250-386-2208 Website:

Digger Dale Contracting

Home Unit 34 – 1545 Middle Road Victoria BC V9A 0E4 Work Phone: 250-386-0344 Website:

Digital Direct Printing

Home 564 Hillside Avenue Victoria, British Columbia Canada V8T 1Y9 Work Phone: 250-388-7082 Website:

Dinning Hunter Lambert and Jackson

Work 1202 Fort Street Victoria BC V8V 3L2 Work Phone: 250-381-2151 Website:

Divercity Outdoor Services

Work Phone: 250-858-8132 Website:

Drain Scope

Home UNIT C # 783 Cave St. Victoria BC V9A 5T6 Work Phone: (250) 590-1535 Website:

Exterus Landscape Design Group Inc – Exterior Staging

Work Phone: (250) 652-2115 Website:

Fairfield Building Inspections

Work Phone: 250-595-4102 Website:

Fernhill Financial

Work 303-830 Shamrock St. Work Phone: 250-595-1616 Website:

Foster’s Expert Carpet Care

Work 2367 Oakville Avenue, Sidney, BC Work Phone: 250-665-7953 Website:

G.S.T. Hotline

Work Phone: 1-800-959-1953

Garden City Pest Control

Work 2345 Selwyn Road Work Phone: 250-479-8788 Website:

Greaves Moving

Work 785 Lampson St, Victoria B.C, V9A 6A9 Work Phone: (250) 388-7808 Website:

Greenway Carpet Cleaning

Work Phone: (250) 479-7419 Website:

Gryphon Construction

Contact: Pete Jones
Work 298 Beaumont Ave. Victoria British Columbia V9B 1R1 Canada Work Phone: (250) 592–6688 Work Phone: (250) 592–6693 Work Phone: (250) 818–0434 Website:

Harbord Insurance Services Ltd

Work 150-805 Cloverdale Avenue Work Phone: 250-388-5533 Website:

Harbour Home Inspections

Work 3330 Telegraph Road Mill Bay , BC V0R 2P3 Work Phone: 250-743-6582 Website:

Harrington Creative

Work 3118 Kettle Creek Crescent Victoria, British Columbia v9b0k6 Work Phone: 250-419-3407 Website:

Hazpro Enviornmental

Work 355 Catherine Street Victoria, B.C. V9A 3S9 Work Phone: 250-891-4977 Website:

Home Check

Work Phone: 778-351-1928 Website:

Home Owner Grant Admin.

Work Phone: 250-387-6121 Website:

Home Owner Protection Office

Work Suite 650 – 4789 Kingsway Burnaby, BC V5H 0A3 Work Phone: (604) 646-7050 Website:

James Movers

Work Phone: 250.857.1136 Website:

Manufactured Home Registry

Work Phone: (250) 356-8609 Website:


Work 460 Tennyson Place, Unit 1B Victoria, BC V8Z 6S8 Work Phone: (250) 385-6112 Website:

Meadowvale Home Inspection Services

Work #5071-1625 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8R1H8 Work Phone: 250-891-6453 Website:

Medallion Healty Homes

Work Phone: 250-592-6999 Website:

Mills Appraisals

Work #114-1537 Hillside Ave. Victoria, BC V8T 2C1 Work Phone: 250-727-0222 Website:

Modhaus Interior Design and Styling

Work Phone: 250-886-6842 Website:

Moving and Organization Service

Work Phone: 1-800-926-3900 Website:

Mullin Demeo

Work 1626 Garnet Road Victoria, BC V8P 3C8 Work Phone: 250-477-3327 Website:

NationWide Carpet Cleaning

Work 6A – 2333 Government Street Work Phone: 250-727-0777 Website:

North American Rammed Earth Builders Association

Contact: Pete Jones
Home 298 Beaumont Ave. Victoria British Columbia V9B 1R1 Canada Work Phone: (250) 592-6688

Northwest Environmental

Work #210-2950 Douglas Street Victoria Work Phone: (250) 384-9695 Website:

Notaries on Douglas

Work 201-2610 Douglas Street. Work Phone: 250-382-8880 Website:

Peter Ouellette

Invis – Peter Ouellette
Work 505-771 Vernon Avenue Work Phone: 250-388-7283 Website:

Deenu Patel

Select Mortgage Corp
Work 110B- 4460 Chatterton Way Victoria, BC, V8X 5J2 Work Phone: (250) 479-0688 Work Phone: (250) 479-4331 Website:

Platinum HD

Work Phone: 250-686-0037 Website:

Poo-Fessional Scoopers

Work PO Box 48045 Victoria, BC V8Z 7H5 Work Phone: 250-386-7667 Website:

Prodigy Window Films

Work 3330 Maplewood Rd. Victoria, BC, V8P 3M7 Canada Work Phone: 250-477-3126 Website:

Property Transfer Tax

Work Phone: (250) 387-0604 Website:


Work 2250 Marlene Place Victoria, BC V9B 2C9 Work Phone: 250-896-3478 Website:


Work 343A Bay Street Victoria, BC Work Phone: 250.386.9411 Website:


Home Phone: 250-217-9706 Website:

Reliable Parts

Work Phone: 1-800-941-9217 Website:

Rental Owners and Managers Society of BC

Work 830B Pembroke Street, Victoria BC, V8T 1J9 Work Phone: (250) 382-6324 Website:

Residential Tenancy Office

Work Phone: (250) 387-1602 Website:

Richard’s Island Perimeter Drains

Home 8858 Chemainus Rd. Work Phone: 778 977 3355 Website:

Sandbox Junk Removal (Andrew)

Work Phone: (250) 857-5865

ScanPlus GPR Locating and Mapping

Work 5715 Sooke Road Work Phone: 778-352-4770 Website:

Shaw Cable

Work Phone: (250) 475-5655 Website:

Contact: Colin Pape
Home 609 Vanalman Ave Victoria British Columbia V8Z 3A8 Canada Work Phone: 1-888-430-7467 Home Phone: (250) 514-9492 Website:

South Western Property Maitenence

Work Phone: 250-812-1541 Website:

Standard Real Estate Services

Work Phone: 778-410-2176 Website:

Telus Telephone

Work Phone: 1-866-558-2273 Website:

Terasen Gas

Work 16705 Fraser Highway Surrey, BC V4N 0E8 Work Phone: 1-800-474-6886 Website:

V.I.P. Gutters

Work Phone: 250-507-6543

Vancouver Island Strata Owner Assoc.

Work 306 – 620 View Street Victoria, BC, V8W 1J6 Work Phone: 250-920-0688 Website:

Victoria Cycling Coalition (Maps)

Work PO Box 8586, Stn Central, Victoria, B.C., Canada V8W 3S2 Website:

Victoria Real Estate Board & MLS

Work 3035 Nanaimo Street Victoria, British Columbia V8T 4W2, CANADA Work Phone: (250) 385-7766 Website:


Victoria Women’s Newcomer Club


Westcoast Appliances

Work #3 – 370 Gorge Rd. East Work Phone: 250-382-0242 Website:


Work 104 – 1910 Sooke Road Victoria, BC V9B 1V7 Work Phone: 250-474-3223 Website:

Williams Moving & Storage

Work 771 Enterprise Crescent Victoria, B.C. V8Z 6P7 Work Phone: (250) 727-3355 Website:

Wilson Marshall Law Corporation

Work Suite 200 – 911 Yates Street Victoria BC V8V 4X3 Work Office 110, 132-328 Wale Road Langford BC V9B 0J8 Work Phone: 250-385-8741

Wittich Environmental Services Ltd

Work 6958 Grant Road W Work Phone: 250-642-4859 Website:

You Move Me