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What My Clients Say

“In the spring of 2017 we presented to Andrew a challenging real estate opportunity.

The house we were selling was in poor condition and we wanted to sell the house and property as essentially a property only sale.

Andrew viewed the property, gave some very constructive feedback, and came up with a few selling strategies to move the property and get us into another property of our choosing.

We were immediately inundated with buyers and had some solid offers on our property.

Unfortunately the buyers and us had some unforeseen issues with the municipality and bylaws enforcing new building codes that made developing this piece of property beyond the reasonable costs of several developers that were interested.

This did not deter Andrew and we were very impressed on how quickly he re-evaluated and changed his selling and marketing strategy to an earlier one he thought would work better. This included a thorough house inspection, listing the known developer issues with the property, and exposing the property to a different group of clientele focusing more on the house and the properties potential. Sometimes you should listen more to your Realtor, but it was nice Andrew always listened to us.

The amount of viewings dropped significantly, but the type of clientele interested in the property change significantly as well. Soon after changing our marketing strategy we had a solid offer and sale of the house and property.

Andrew also acted as our Realtor when it came to buying our new house. We gave him some general guidelines as to what we wanted and the showings began. I found we were buying in a sellers’ market and to get what we wanted, we had to be smart and aggressive. Again Andrew exposed us to a variety of properties, explaining the pros and cons of each from our perspective. Finally in December we found the house we wanted. Andrew was on vacation in another country and with one email another Realtor from Home’s Realty stepped in, familiar with our needs, and negotiated the initial deal on his behalf. It was seamless from our perspective. As the possession date approached the sellers needed to extend their closing date. Again with one email, Andrew negotiated with both the buyers of our property and the sellers of property we were buying to make everything transition smoothly.

At no time did I not have my concerns addressed promptly, his professionalism, hard work, and experience backed by his team made a difficult and sometimes frustrating experience palatable. We highly recommend Andrew without hesitation and thank him for the successful effort he made on our behalf.”



"In the spring of 2017 we presented to Andrew a challenging real estate opportunity."

My wife and I were entertaining a cross country move to Victoria. We were lucky to meet Andrew Plank. On our first visit to the island, Andrew picked us up at our hotel, and provided an exhaustive tour and review of the neighbourhoods and homes in our price range so that we could develop an understanding of life on the island, school choices, restaurants and shopping, and commuting. We were able to then hone in on a few areas for our next trip. I felt at all times like I was Andrew’s only and most important client… While we were back home, Andrew continued to watch the market on our behalf, he provided tools to allow us to see what was going on in the market, and when he saw something he thought we might like, he reached out and in some cases, Andrew took it upon himself to walk through the potential property and shoot video – it was like we were there ourselves.  Second trip out, once again Andrew gave us his full time and attention and set up a full few day of visits… by day two, we were benefiting from Andrew’s deep level of experience, important eye for observation and general savvy to write up an offer to purchase… 24 hours later we had purchased our home, which we could not be happier to have. Start to finish, we had a great experience in working with Andrew and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Andrew, a true professional and friend.


5 stars. Dependable, quick to respond and professional. We are non-residents and Andrew sold our 2 properties while keeping us updated all the time. Even paid for cleaners out of his own pocket!

Highly recommended!


Thank you for your wise counsel (even to talk me out of foolish purchases that would have earned you commission), your endless patience and willingness to traipse through dozens of homes over many months to find the perfect one, your unshakeable optimism that I would find just the right home even when I had given up hope, and all your tireless support during my protracted pursuit to find a home of my own. The boys and I are so excited to start moving in next week!


Andrew is amazing at what he does. His service is well thought-out, trustworthy and professional, and he has a winning personality. A thousand times over I would recommend him.


My wife and I have bought and sold several properties in several provinces with varying levels of satisfaction with the services provided by the realtors we had carefully chosen.

We were tremendously appreciative of the service we received from Andrew Plank and his supporting staff. His understanding of the current Victoria real estate market, and his strategic approach to sales in our neighbourhood proved to be invaluable! His marketing plan was clear, systematic and effective. Since our property sold within six days of listing, and above asking price, we can only confirm our earlier opinion that Andrew has superior negotiating skills, and is undoubtably one of the best realtors serving Victoria. His pleasant demeanour (during our almost daily communications), patience and overall good humour enhanced each step of the home buying and selling experience. We were never in doubt that he was looking after our best interests at all times. Andrew guided us patiently and effectively through each of the electronic processes, his professionalism apparent at each step. We would have no hesitation at all in recommending Andrew to anyone who is looking for a specialist in the real estate market who will look after their best interests during the home buying and selling process. We certainly will use his services again should the opportunity present itself!


Andrew turned our Estate Sale from a heartwrenching whirlpool of sudden loss, into a celebration of life lived with integrity. He advised us to use a pre-inspection to be very open and honest with the condition of the building, to make it easy for buyers to act with confidence. Instead of “staging” to make the house resemble something it was not, we had the windows professionally cleaned to best let it show its strengths, such as the garden view from the kitchen. We just removed the negatives and question marks, such as an uncertified wood stove, and left an inviting blank palette for the new owners.

Because of Andrew’s skill at positioning the house to the right buyer, it sold quickly and well over the asking price.

I have worked with many Realtors, and the quality I prize most is integrity. In a most difficult emotional environment, Andrew “herded the cats” with a gentle but persuasive hand. He guided us through the dark waters with great integrity, while upholding the dignity of all.

Both buyer and seller were happy.


Andrew is clearly an amazing realtor and very respected by his colleagues and clients. He is easy to talk to and fun to be around.


Andrew’s humor, wit and calm, professional manner eased the stress of shopping for a home. I happily suggest him to anyone looking for a home and will use him again if the need arises.


Andrew was meticulous and diligent in my latest search for a new home, often pointing out things that I hadn’t thought of. His no-pressure style of doing business is a real pleasure. So far Andrew has helped me with one sale and two purchases, all of which have been completed without a single problem. When people ask me for the name of realtor in Victoria I always point them in Andrew’s direction because I know they will get top notch, insightful and attentive service along with integrity and honesty.

Wade Walters
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