Before You List Your House – Some Critical Steps!

Selling a house can be stressful. Every single detail of your home is examined by REALTORS®, buyers and inspectors. You need to keep the house presentable and clean throughout the viewing process and you need to constantly clear away your personal belongings to ensure it is neutral. This means upheaval for your family and extra work on a daily basis to maintain your home. Here are some tricks to speed up your sale and make it easier and smoother for everyone.

Conduct Your Own Home Inspection

Hire a reputable home inspector, rather than wait for buyers to hire one and find unexpected problems in the house. It’s better to figure out all the problems in your home and fix them, than to be surprised by them later. Buyers will always appreciate your honesty, and you will be better prepared to deal with the problems that are identified. This is especially true if you do not live in the house that you’re planning to list. I can provide you with a list of local recommended home inspectors – just get in touch!

Clean Up the House and Get a Paint Job

When you clean the house, go deep. If required, hire professionals to get rid of any unpleasant smells such as smoke, pets and kitchen accidents that linger. Statistically, pet odours are the reason for houses that remain listed for the longest time. Most people love pets, but you can’t be sure that your perfect buyer doesn’t have pet allergies. A deep clean by professionals should get rid of all pet dander and odours that might have permeated your home.

Shampoo stained carpets and window drapes or replace them if they have started to look worn out.

Remember that you might be competing with homes that are brand new. A messy, unclean house is an instant turn-off and you don’t want that. Even though all homes that are lived in tend to become messy and dusty every once in a while, that is not how a buyer sees it. A clean house is easier to imagine your own life in.

A fresh paint of coat along with a thorough cleaning goes a long way in making your house appear brand-new. And if possible, freshen up your landscaping. A well-maintained garden is the buyer’s first impression, and you want to make a big positive impression. For many buyers, curb-appeal is just as important as the insides of a house – so go the extra mile there: weed out, manicure, plant flowers, and carry out any pending repairs!

Remove All Personal Stuff

Photographs, toys, address books, mementos, trophies, religious and political artifacts, keepsakes from travels – all of these make a house cozy and warm to the owner. But a potential buyer may not always be impressed by your knick-knacks. It makes it harder for a buyer to visualize his or her own stuff in place of that. Give them space to imagine their own items by keeping your house as impersonal and neutral as possible.

is also important from a safety point of view, especially if you are likely to have open houses. You don’t want a stranger to walk into your house and learn your kids’ names, ages, where they go to school, where you work and where you vacation!

A good idea is to get a storage unit where you can leave all your personal stuff if you are in the process of changing homes. That way a potential buyer sees empty closets and shelves. Empty closets and shelves always look bigger and cleaner than those that are stocked up!

Work With Me

Last, but not the least, it’s extremely important to have a professional on your side. There’s a lot that you can do, as mentioned above – but an experienced realtor can always bring an extra something to the game for your home. I am intimately familiar with Victoria and has been in the business for years.

When I work with my clients I work hard to make sure you’re comfortable with me and you feel that you can trust me. I go the extra mile for my clients and as an experienced realtor l will not just help you make a fast sale, but I will make sure you get a great deal. Get in touch early; I will be available to help you at each step. I will make it my business to make the process of selling your house a smooth and easy process. Please get in touch to chat.