Selling a home takes preparation, organization and professional marketing.

I can guide you through every milestone, from an initial exploratory interview to closing the sale.  

Selling is a process.  Obviously, choosing the agent to represent you is an extremely important decision. You are committing to an ongoing working relationship with an agent and the wrong decision could cost you in lost time and money.  Not all agents are created equal even if they appear to provide the same levels of service or fees.  If you're unsure, ask to see examples of past work and marketing before making a final decision.  

Working by referral.  Some of the most successful and effective agents in Victoria may be people you have not heard of before.  These agents, like myself, are working primarily with repeat clients and referred business and are not paying for large expensive billboards, radio advertisements, etc to obtain clients.  We focus on quality client-care and promotion of YOUR property rather than on self-promotion.  At the end of the day, our business hinges on your success, because ultimately it's through word-of-mouth that we depend.  I'll work hard to earn your referrals.

Communication is key!  When interviewing an agent, be sure that you understand and feel comfortable with the experience, talent and approach of your agent of choice.  You should trust the agent you hire to listen closely to you and represent your needs.  I consider my role to be that of adviser and consultant.  I advise, and then support my clients' informed decisions.  Everyone communicates differently and it's important to hire someone who understands you and who you understand as well.   

Cost.  Commission charged by agents can vary.  I charge 6% of the first $100,000 plus 3% of the balance of the sale price of the home. Some agents charge more, some less.  You'll find mine is a common fee structure, charged by many agents in the Victoria area.  So how am I different?  Service and execution. I organize my business to ensure I do what I say I will do, and I feel I provide more value for money than many agents. Ultimately, I want to ensure you pocket more money after your property is sold than you would have using a "high volume" agent or a "Low cost" agent (or no agent at all).  At the end of the day, my goal is for you to experience a smoother, faster, more satisfying sale.  

High volume agents.  Self promotion costs a lot, and this increases pressure on an agent to make sales.  There are "big" names in town who will spend a lot of money to catch your attention. This doesn't make them better at what they do. It simply means that you see their names more often but they need to work very hard to pay for their advertising.  To do this they must carry more listings, sell those listings quickly, and ultimately they will have less time to service their individual clients. Be careful that your agent is not stretched too thin to service you.  There is often a relationship between cost and quality, but not always. Often agents who will work for less end up doing higher volume and carrying more listings.  They are stretched thin and will have less capacity for attention to your listing while they are busy servicing many others.  

Low volume agents.  Conversely, an agent who works part-time or as a "hobby" may not have the experience you require.  

A quoted listing price from an agent does not equate to a sale at that price. I see it all the time.  The agent who quotes the highest listing price receives the listing.  I feel it is unwise to choose an agent simply because they claim your home is worth more than other agents.  Ultimately, your home is worth what a buyer will pay for it.  I believe you are better served choosing the agent you believe will do the best job of marketing your home.  This will then translate into a higher price and faster sale.  The ultimate list price can be discussed with your agent of choice if you feel the value is higher than has been recommended.    

Brokerage.  The service level offered by agents will vary widely and can differ REGARDLESS of which company they work with or the fee they charge. Remember, each agent has their own approach and no two are alike.  Agents are 'independent contractors', we  generally don't work for a real estate brokerage, we pay the brokerage!  

Marketing plan.  Lastly, be sure to review each agent's marketing plan closely, and insist that any promises or agreements are put into writing, on the "Schedule A" of your listing contract.  Please see below for more information about my marketing materials...

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Marketing Tools

A comprehensive marketing plan will help sell your greater Victoria property quickly, smoothly, and for the best price.  I provide top-quality marketing incorporating modern tools and old fashioned service.

Accurate Floorplans

Quality Floorplans help buyers determine in advance if the property layout will meet their needs, resulting in more qualified showings and less wasted time for you accommodating showings that don’t work.

Staging Consultations

I will walk the property with you and identify areas that may need attention before sale. Based on your motivation and available time, energy, and funds, we’ll work out a comprehensive plan to showcase your home in the best possible light. In addition, I provide the services of a staging consultant who will share interior design tips and furniture placement assistance.  If you'd like a comprehensive staging service we can discuss that as well.  

Open Houses

Hosting an open house is a great way to increase ‘buzz’ and direct attention to your property, especially when newly listed.  I find that an open house is a great way to gauge initial buyer interest, the market's response to the listing price.  Not everyone wishes to have an open house, that's fine, I'm happy to discuss the pros and cons of strategically held open houses and you make the decision.  

High Quality Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words but in real estate it's also worth thousands of dollars.  Quality, professional photos are essential for generating showings. It's important to showcase your Victoria property’s best features while providing an accurate representation to ensure we maximize productive showings while minimizing nuisance showings.  

Custom Property Websites

Your property showcased!  Don’t get lost in a sea of properties. With your property's very own custom website buyers can quickly access all the available information including photos, floorplans, 3D showcase, video, maps, etc.  It's a one stop shop, with your home proudly on display!   

3D Virtual Tours

It's almost like being there.  A 3D tour makes it possible for out-of-town buyers to have a virtual view of the space, and make a buying decision from afar resulting in a wider audience.  In addition, even local buyers can review the layout and determine how well the property suits their needs.  This increases relevant showings while decreasing nuisance showings.  

Professional Marketing Materials

Royal LePage For Sale Sign
Every element of your marketing should add up to a positive experience for the buyer.   

  • High-quality glossy feature sheets, 
  • Comprehensive info packages, 
  • Clear signage.

More than MLS® Marketing

In addition to the MLS, your property details will be continuously broadcast and kept up to date on social media, classified and marketing websites such as: Craigslist, UsedVictoria, Kijiji, Royal LePage, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.  Targeted Facebook and Google Ads are also part of the marketing toolkit.  

Ongoing Market Updates

I will send regular market updates, highlighting any changes I'm seeing in the market in general as well as how your property sale may be impacted.  My clients also have the option of receiving free "PCS" reports which tracks area listings and sales in real time so you can keep an eye on the competition.  

Showing Feedback

"Great layout, please keep us informed of offers!"
"Not for these clients but may have someone else for this one"
"Clients loved the building and unit but prefer something with a larger kitchen"

I follow up with showing agents after every showing to gauge buyer interest and realtor comments, sharing any results with you.


A secure lockbox system, accessible only to realtors, allows me to monitor showings and limit access to your home.   A custom door hanger option is available as well which gives you full control of when the lockbox is in place.  

Listing Reports

You’ll receive reports with statistics and data specific to your property’s performance in the market and my marketing activities to date.   


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