Renewing your Mortgage? Fixed Vs Variable Rates

Posted on Jun 21, 2024 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

We are coming up on 5 years from the start of COVID at the beginning of next year and we are starting to see the renewals of mortgages. With the Bank of Canada rate and bond yields changing, buyers are wondering which way to go in their financial commitment to their mortgages. Join us this morning at 9:30 am with Jen Lowe as she discusses the pros...

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Make Your Mark In The World, One Property At A Time

Posted on Jun 17, 2024

Looking for the perfect home can be a journey filled with excitement and a bit of stress, but with the right guidance, it becomes a rewarding adventure. Imagine stepping into a space that feels just right, where every corner tells a story, and every room fits your vision of a dream home. 🌟

Our goal is to help you navigate the real estate market with...

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Cutting Edge Issues in Real Estate

Posted on Jun 14, 2024 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Join us this morning at 9:30 as we discuss Cutting Edge Issues in Real Estate. There have been many changes over the past few years, what are the impacts and implications of these changes and how are they affecting you, as the consumer.

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Incorporate Rounded Furniture For Soft Elegance

Posted on Jun 10, 2024

Rounded furniture is set to remain a favorite in 2024, thanks to its soft edges and inviting aesthetic. If you're looking to incorporate this trend, start with a single piece like a side chair to make a subtle yet stylish statement. The gentle curves can add a touch of elegance and comfort to any space, making it both modern and timeless. 🌟
Don't be...

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Monthly Market Update with Jen Lowe PLUS the Latest Rate Announcement

Posted on Jun 07, 2024 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Is June real estate going to be HOT?? Jane, Andrew and mortgage broker Jen Lowe speak this morning on the latest rate announcement from the Bank of Canada! How is .25 reduction in interest rate going to affect affordability? Join us this morning at 9:30 on this channel!

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Install Under-Cabinet LED Lighting For Ambiance and Visibility

Posted on Jun 03, 2024

Brighten up your kitchen effortlessly! 🌟  
Installing LED lights under your cabinets enhances both visibility and ambiance. 💡  
It's a simple update that transforms the feel of your space, making every culinary adventure more enjoyable. 🍴  
Plus, it's an energy-efficient choice that adds a modern touch to your home. 💚  
Ready to light up your kitchen? Let's ma...

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