Would you replace your door if it meant an extra $6000 USD in your pocket?

According to a recent Zillow report, a door can be worth about $6000 usd.   This makes sense… First impressions count and a poor experience at the entrance to the home will diminish interest and turn off buyers.  Remember supply and demand?  Less buyers means less money.

But you may not even need to replace that door....  A fresh coat of paint can go a long way and ensure the locks and hardware are clean, smooth and easy to operate. 

It also shouldn’t be a challenge to get inside.  So, think from a buyer’s perspective and, starting from the street, walk through the home with a buyer’s mind. 

I have a 3 strike attitude myself....  A couple of hurdles or apparent problems are just normal, no home is perfect. But an experience of too many issues leads one to wonder what else is lurking under the surface. You want them thinking… YES, YES, YES, YES, as they make their way onto the property and that should continue as they move throughout the house.  Any NO's will cause friction and hesitation. Too many NO’s and you lose the potential buyer’s interest. When it comes to spending money on a home, here some things to consider giving priority...  

  • A welcoming street appeal and entrance
  • Cleanliness
  • Heat on and the lights on for showings. You don’t want buyers to be uncomfortable or to literally get cold feet…
  • Declutter – visual AND physical clutter are distracting. 
  • Repair any obvious issues
  • Paint where appropriate
  • Consider strategic updates
  • Staging and furniture placement for best appeal and traffic flow.