Radon Gas in Victoria BC Homes?

map of Radon distribution in BC shows that Victoria, BC homes have a medium to high potential of containing Radon gas.  Radon is an invisible, odourless and tasteless radioactive gas created by the natural breakdown of Uranium in the earth and rock.  Radon is the 2nd highest leading cause of Lung Cancer after smoking.  Radon can accumulate in the basements of homes where ventilation is inadequate.  Accurate Radon testing can take 3 months, but short-term test kits are available.  Because Radon levels can fluctuate throughout the year and are impacted by weather conditions and type of construction, a short-term test is not considered conclusive.  If Radon is a concern to you, please discuss it with your REALTOR® and your home inspector.  Because Radon accumulates slowly and dissipates with proper ventilation, systems to reduce Radon exposure can generally be affordably incorporated into a home.  There are many helpful resources online for understanding the dangers and impact of Radon in a home, as well as options for mitigation.  I’ve included a few of them here…