5 Laundry Room Remodel Essentials

5 Laundry Room Remodel Essentials


The laundry room is probably the most lackluster part of the home. In older homes, it’s often just a corner in the basement that has poor lighting and nowhere to hang or fold clothes. In newer homes, the laundry room is usually very minimalistic. If you dread doing laundry, it could be because your laundry room leaves a lot to be desired. Check out the laundry room remodel essentials you need to include if you’re planning to redo your laundry room. 


If your laundry room is in the basement, chances are it has a bare concrete floor. If it’s located on the main level of your home, the surrounding flooring likely doesn’t extend into it. This can leave you feeling as if the room isn’t finished. 

When remodeling your laundry room, install a lovely waterproof type of flooring like vinyl or ceramic tiles. Either one of these can withstand possible water leaks while giving you plenty of options for color and design. 


Dim lighting in the laundry room can make it hard to see what you’re doing and make it feel like you’re in a dungeon. Adding plenty of lighting can greatly improve the chore of doing the laundry. 

Consider recessed lighting, track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, or a combination of all three to make your laundry room brighter and more enjoyable to be in. 


A laundry room without a folding station isn’t a true laundry room. It’s nice to be completely done with the laundry when you leave the room, so install a folding station of some kind in the room. 

The Internet is full of tutorials on how to build yourself a folding surface in your laundry room. Alternately, you can simply buy a large table for the purpose. If your laundry room is small, you may want to build a table that folds to the wall on hinges when not in use. 


Most homeowners agree that the laundry room rarely has enough storage and shelf space. If you’re renovating your laundry room, be sure to incorporate plenty of both so you can use the room as you need. Consider adding wall cabinets (with and without doors), shelving on the walls, bookcases, and any other pieces of furniture you can upcycle to help make the task easier and keep things organized in the room. 


You may not realize you need a utility sink, but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Utility sinks can be used for rinsing out muddy clothes or pretreating laundry. They also come in handy for non-laundry-related things like rinsing out paint brushes, too. The nice thing about installing a utility sink in the laundry room is that the water and drainage lines are already there!

The laundry room is probably the most lackluster room in the house, but with a few tweaks, it can be an enjoyable room to spend time in, which is a good thing if you’re the one doing the laundry.