Ideas For A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Ideas For A Bathroom Remodeling Project


You have a lot of options when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. You could simply update the existing décor, or you could do a complete overhaul and revamp the room’s layout completely to fit your needs. 

Whether you plan to make a few minor tweaks or to completely overhaul the room, make sure you consider the following improvements in your plans. 


Your bathroom’s plumbing takes quite a hit with everyday bathing and grooming habits. Soap scum and hair buildup can wreak havoc on the pipes, causing slow drainage and nasty backups. 

If you’re going for a complete renovation, consider including an upgrade for the plumbing. If your bathtub drain isn’t a wide two inches, replace it to reduce the chances of blockage and slow drainage. 


Your bathroom window serves multiple purposes. First, it allows natural light in, which enhances the look and feel of the space. Next, it provides a design aspect that adds to the overall décor of the room. And finally, it allows for ventilation, which is important in such a humid environment. 

You have many options when choosing windows for your bathroom. Obviously, privacy is a big concern, so opt for something frosted to allow light in but not prying eyes. Another great option is the windows that open on a tilt. Even when they’re fully open, they provide complete privacy while allowing plenty of airflow. 


Tile is a popular floor covering in showers, but you must choose the right tiles to make showering comfortable and safe. Avoid large tiles as they can be slippery. Instead, choose smaller tiles with texture to give you a better footing in wet conditions. Plus, the smaller tiles are easier to slope toward the drain, so water flows where it should. 


A great budget-friendly way to freshen the look in your bathroom is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Even if you change nothing else, the room will look and feel new. Tape carefully to create sharp lines and choose a light color to keep the room bright and airy. Don’t forgo spending a bit more on mold/mildew-resistant paint as it will save you a lot of time and money in cleanup and repainting later. 


Another cheap but effective upgrade in the bathroom is replacing the hardware and faucets. The switch will make a dramatic impact on the way the room looks, even without changing anything else. 

Replace the handles and drawer pulls on cabinets and drawers and get matching faucets for both the sink and the tub. Consider switching out the light fixtures and any other small details you see fit to create a different vibe in the room. 

The bathroom is probably the most-used room in the house, which means it needs an upgrade once in a while. If you’re thinking it’s time to remodel your bathroom, consider the improvements listed above to create the room you envision.