Statistics Released January 2022

Welcome to 2022!  I have high hopes for this year.  Last year, while a banner year for my business, was frustrating for many buyers.  My wish, if I could have my way, is for a more balanced market. This would great for buyers and also help sellers who are concerned about selling fast but not finding anything to purchase after.  Inventory remains tight however, and likely will stay this way through the spring.  

One area of real estate where I see potential opportunity for buyers (rare these days!) is the pre-sales market.   Pre-sales are contracts for a future home.  Most often these are condo or townhouse developments, but there are single-family home pre-sales as well.  There may not even be a hole in the ground yet OR the home may already be substantially completed- So the time frame for pre-sales could be very quick (a matter of weeks or months) or it could be up to 2 or more years before final product is available.