Statistics Released February 2022

Last month, I suggested that there are some opportunities in the new construction market, and quite a few of your reached out with questions. I'm actively watching for new pre-sales to come online as the initial launch often has the best chance of finding a relative 'deal'.

As for the resale market, this spring will be interesting to watch. Inventory remains disturbingly low, and prices continue to climb much faster than many can save. It is actually very difficult right now to counsel buyers.  Cautious buyers in this market don't stand a chance... 9 times out of 10 the sale goes to the unconditional offer that is well above asking price and, in fact, well above the most recent comparable sales. Is this wise? It's certainly risky, but only time will tell if we're approaching a peak in a bubble or if we still have a long way yet to ride this market up.