10 Things You Can Clean With Vinegar

In case you haven’t already heard, white vinegar, also known as distilled vinegar, is an inexpensive, highly effective all-purpose cleaner. Not only is it a disinfectant, but it’s also a deodorizer and degreaser, too. There is virtually no limit to what vinegar can clean. Check out the many ways below that vinegar can be used to clean around the house.

1. The Coffee Maker

Of all the countertop appliances in your kitchen, the coffee maker is probably the dirtiest. You can keep your coffee maker sparkling clean, however, by running vinegar through it periodically.

Pour vinegar into the water reservoir. Let it sit for an hour and then run the machine as you normally would. The vinegar will clean and loosen hard water deposits inside the machine. When finished, run a pot or two of fresh water through the machine to rinse.

2. Hard Floors

Vinegar is an excellent floor cleaner, especially on linoleum and porcelain. You can use a higher vinegar to water concentration for these floors, but if you’re mopping hardwood, natural stone, or ceramic tiles, use a weaker solution as vinegar can dull these surfaces.

3. The Stovetop

Vinegar, when combined with orange peels, cinnamon, and cloves makes a great stovetop degreaser. Simply soak the peels and spices in vinegar for two weeks and place the liquid in a spray bottle. Use the solution to remove grease from the stovetop or any other hard surface in the kitchen and leave behind a fresh scent.

4. The Showerhead

Hard water buildup can cause a showerhead to spray in every direction but down. Soaking the showerhead in a solution of vinegar and baking soda will remove the buildup and leave it sparkling clean.

Simply combine vinegar and baking soda in a gallon freezer bag and attach it to the showerhead using rubber bands. Leave it to soak overnight. In the morning, remove the bag and rinse the showerhead with clean water.

5. The Dishwasher

Hard water buildup affects a dishwasher’s ability to do its job, so to keep your dishwasher in tip-top working condition, place a coffee mug full of white vinegar upright on the top rack. Leave the rest of the dishwasher empty and run a regular cycle. When the dishwasher is finished, it will be clean and fresh.

6. The Microwave

Hate cleaning the microwave because it’s so hard to clean? Make the job easier by microwaving about two inches of vinegar in the unit for about two minutes. The hot vinegar will steam, loosening the stuck-on food. When the two minutes is up, remove the vinegar and wipe the inside of the microwave clean.

7. A Humidifier

Humidifiers are notorious for mold and mildew growth. It’s important to clean them regularly to avoid it. Here’s how.

Empty any water left in the machine. Pour two cups of vinegar inside and shake or stir it around to loosen any grime in the reservoir. Empty the vinegar and rinse the unit out. Lastly, use a rag soaked in vinegar to wipe down any other parts of the machine where water passes but can’t be soaked in liquid.

These are but a few of the ways you can use vinegar to clean around your home. For more vinegar cleaning hacks, ask Google!