How to Design a Calmer Bedroom

Your bedroom should evoke feelings of calmness and relaxation. If it doesn’t, the room could use an overhaul. In a time when life around us is so chaotic and fast-paced, we all could use a little downtime, and the bedroom is the perfect place for it.

To help you create a calm, relaxing, and serene atmosphere in your bedroom, we’ve put together a few design tips for inspiration. If you follow these tips, you’ll stop scrolling and streaming in your bedroom and learn to enjoy the more peaceful ambiance in no time.

Let Nature Be Your Guide

Nature can be an awesome inspiration for interior design. Some people are calmed by the sea, while others find the quietness of the woods peaceful. Think about your favorite natural landscape and take from it the colors and patterns that make you feel so relaxed.

For more inspiration from your favorite nature scene, look at a picture, and jot down some colors and textures that you like most. These are the colors and patterns your bedroom décor should be based on.

Make A Mood Board

If you’re having trouble coming up with colors, textures, and patterns that are calming to you, try making a mood board. Your mood board can contain anything from images to patterns to fashion so long as the things you add bring you joy in some way. As your mood board shapes up, you’ll quickly begin seeing a pattern of things that you find most soothing.

Pick Your Colors

Once your mood board is complete, start picking colors from it that you like. Choose as many colors as you like, grouping them together in groups of five. Since neutrals are important for grounding any space, pull a couple of shades of a neutral color from your nature inspiration to pair with a complementary pop of color, for example.

Choose Some Patterns

Take a look at your mood board again, and this time, choose a few patterns that catch your eye. Organic patterns like sand, water, and stone can all be interpreted as patterns, and they all work great in a bedroom setting. Try to stay away from geometric patterns if you’re creating a serene bedroom as they can be too busy and not at all relaxing.

By letting nature be your guide, you can use colors and patterns that instill calmness and relaxation into your bedroom. If you’re planning a whole-room remodel, consider your choices when choosing paint, wallpaper, décor, and textiles. If you’re not doing a full remodel, incorporating these colors and patterns in with new blankets, throw pillows, or a bedspread will help to create the calming atmosphere you seek.