4 Safety Tips Every Home Seller Should Know

Selling a house can be a little chaotic and a tad overwhelming, which is why many homeowners tend to overlook the topic of safety. While selling a home isn’t an unsafe practice per say, there are some safety concerns you should be aware of. Here are four of the biggest safety concerns facing home sellers, so keep them in mind if your house is on the market.

1. Stash Personal Items And Valuables

This tactic is two-fold. First, by stashing any valuables and/or collectibles you have, you don’t give would-be thieves a chance to steal your things. People who steal come in all shapes and sizes. From the child who puts a small trinket in his pocket to a couple disguising themselves as prospective homebuyers, anyone can make off with your things at any time.Second, getting rid of valuable and personal items declutters the home and makes it seem less personal, both of which are positives when trying to sell a home. By removing your own items, you allow a potential buyer to visualize his own belongings in the space.

2. Keep Track Of The People Who Come And Go

During the selling process, many people will come and go from your home. If you keep track of each visitor, you’ll have a list of people to go to if any of your belongings go missing.Place a guest sign-in book by the door and ask each prospective buyer to enter his name, address and phone number as he enters your home.

3. Forgo The Open House

Open houses usually only benefit the real estate agent who’s looking to generate more leads. As a seller, open houses only account for about 6 percent of home sales.While an open house does give the masses a chance to see the inside of your home, it also leaves it wide open for strangers to steal or case the property for future thefts.Your best bet is to go with a reputable real estate agent and only allow scheduled appointments to view the property.

4. Install Security Cameras

Another tactic that’s two-fold, installing security cameras doesn’t just keep your belongings safe, they also increase the home’s value.Today’s security cameras can be controlled using a smartphone, allowing you to view live streams from anywhere. Be warned, however, that you’ll need to alert the real estate agent and any prospective buyers that they are being filmed as it infringes on their rights to privacy. The good news is, people who know they are being watched tend to keep their hands to themselves.Selling a home isn’t an unsafe undertaking, but anytime you invite strangers into your home, there’s a chance that something will be taken. The four tips above can help you keep your home and your belongings safe while your home is for sale.