Organize Your Kids and Their Playroom with These Clever Hacks

The kids’ playroom – it’s a nightmare in the eyes of most parents. There’s no rhyme or reason to the chaos and the kids seem oblivious to the mess. If you walk past the playroom in your home and pretend you don’t see the Lego foot torture trap on the floor or the dried marker on the wall, you may be in need of some clever hacks to get the space tidied up a bit. Check out the tips below that are designed to whip the kids and their playroom into shape.

Stackable Storage Bins Make Great Lego Storage

There’s nothing quite as torturous as stepping on a Lego. And since there’s never just one Lego lying on the floor, the playroom is like a Medieval foot torture device with hundreds of Lego pieces all over the place.To render the device useless, buy some stackable storage bins and teach your kids to sort their Legos by color. Not only will you be free to walk through the playroom in bare feet, but the storage bins will also create a fabulously colorful display.

Install Shelves On The Walls

It’s likely your kids have an abundance of larger toys that just don’t fit well in a toy box or storage bin. For these items, install shelving units along the walls. This will give the kids a place to quickly and easily stash big items that normally spend their time in the middle of the floor.

Find Activity Tables With Storage Underneath

If your kids like to draw, paint, color, or are otherwise artsy in some way, make sure they have the space they need to explore their creativity. At the same time, you can help keep all their supplies in one place by looking for activity tables that have storage underneath.If the kiddos enjoy more than one activity, include more than one table in the room and designate each one for a specific activity to keep everything organized and neat.

Shoe Organizers Are More Useful Than You Think

Hanging shoe organizers are for more than just holding multiple pairs of shoes. Hang one on the back of the door to hole things like paint aprons, dolls, paintbrushes, and other odds and ends. These handy organizers are quite a clever idea when you think outside the box as they can hold almost anything.

Got Milk Crates?

Milk crates make great storage containers, but the best part is that your kids can lift and carry them easily thanks to the built-in handles on the sides. Buy milk crates in a variety of colors to create a fun display when they are lined up against a wall at the end of the day.

Re-purpose Old Plant Hangers

If you have a couple of macramé plant hangers lying around, hang them up in your kids’ playroom to act like a stuffed animal catch-all.Tidying up the kids’ playroom may seem like a pipe dream, but it can be done if you use the clever hacks outlined above. Don’t just turn a blind eye and vow to never enter the space again. Instead, add a few shelves, some stackable bins, and hang a plant hanger or two to make the space organized and neat.