How to Maintain Your Home's Appliances So They Last a Long Time

We often take our home’s major appliances for granted. We just expect them to do their job daily without so much as a second thought… that is until one of them breaks down. Fixing or replacing these big machines can be very expensive. Luckily, they are built to last a long time as long as you maintain them regularly. Here are a few maintenance tips you can use to keep your home’s large appliances in tip-top condition, so they last for many years to come.

The Refrigerator

Did you know that a refrigerator doesn’t really produce cold? Rather, it removes warm air from inside the unit to keep your food cold. It does so using the coils on the back of the fridge. You can help your refrigerator do its job by taking a vacuum to these coils periodically to remove dust buildup.

Other maintenance tips for the fridge:

Check the rubber seals around the doors for cracks and replace them as needed
Keep the freezer full. A full freezer helps the unit keep your food cold.

The Dishwasher

Not every household includes a dishwasher, but if yours does, make sure you clean out the filter (underneath the bottom sprayer) regularly to avoid damage to the motor.

The Oven/Stove

This major appliance really doesn’t require much maintenance at all beyond keeping it clean. In fact, many modern models have a self-cleaning feature that does the hard work for you. It’s important to note here that if your oven does include a self-cleaning feature, you shouldn’t use oven cleaner on it as it can damage the interior surface of the unit.

The Washer And Dryer

A home’s washer and dryer typically get a lot of use. To keep your washer in good shape for a long time, make sure you’re using the right amount of laundry detergent for the size load you are washing. Avoid putting too much soap in, especially if yours is a high-efficiency model, as it can leave a film behind that attracts mold growth.

As for the dryer, the main thing to remember is removing lint from the lint trap after every load. Also, take the back off the unit every few months and do a deep clean to remove lit buildup in other places as well. Remember to clean out or replace the dryer hose leading out of your home at least once a year to prevent a fire hazard.

The A/C And Furnace

These home appliances often require professional maintenance, but you can change filters yourself and make sure dust and debris are kept to a minimum. Check these appliances periodically to ensure they are working correctly and call for repair or maintenance as soon as possible if problems arise.

Taking care of your home’s major appliances can save you a lot of money in repair and replacement costs. Following the advice above, you can keep your major appliances in good working shape for many years to come.