Painting Tools You Need According to a Paint Pro

When it comes to painting, buying quality materials and equipment will ensure a quality result. Often, people try to save time and/or money by buying cheap paint and cheap tools, which usually yields poor results. Below, we’ve put together a list of several tools you simply can’t do without if you plan to paint rooms in your home.

Wall Cleaner

It’s always a good idea to begin with a clean canvas. Use a standard cleaner such as Spic and Span and a sponge to clean walls of dirt and grease that will cause the paint not to adhere properly.

Painters Tape

Applying painter’s tape is an important step in the painting process. While buying quality tape is recommended, it’s more about how you apply it that makes the difference. Once the tape is in place, slide a damp cloth along its surface to create a tight seal on the wall. Be sure to read the instructions to find out when the tape should be removed by because it varies from two weeks to a month.


There are many kinds of paintbrushes made for all types of painting. Look for quality brushes designed for the type of surface you will be painting. For example, a 2 ½-inch angled brush is made for painting trim and cutting in.


You can complete most paint projects using a standard 9-inch roller with a synthetic core and a 3/8-inch nap. Look for durable rollers that can handle the job by using your forefinger and thumb to “pinch” the end of the roller together. You won’t be able to smash the end of a quality roller in this manner.

Drop Cloths

If you’re planning to paint more than one room in your home, invest in cloth drop cloths you can reuse. If you are only painting one room, plastic drop cloths are a great choice because they are cheap and can be thrown away when you’re done. Don’t forgo drop cloths thinking you’ll just be careful because painting is always messy and there will inevitably be spills.

Brush Cleaner

Simply rinsing a paintbrush with water won’t get it clean enough to use again. You need a brush cleaner to really get those quality brushes clean. This is especially true if your project spans several days and you need to reuse your brushes day after day.

Roller Trays

Roller trays come in a variety of sizes and materials. Buy plastic ones instead of metal ones because the latex paint doesn’t stick and rinses right off.

Roller Extension

To make it easier to paint the tops of walls and the ceiling, you’ll want to purchase a roller extension pole. A two-foot pole should suffice but keep the height of your ceiling in mind when purchasing this must-have tool.


You’ll need a sturdy ladder to reach all the areas of the room. This tool is a good investment as it can be used all around the house for all kinds of other uses. A 6-foot step ladder works great for most painting projects.

When it comes to painting rooms in your home, it pays to have the right tools for the job. Before beginning your next painting project, be sure you have these helpful tools.