Make The Most Of A Walk-Up Attic

If your home includes a walk-up attic, you’re one of the lucky ones. Even if you don’t really need the space just yet, it’s nice to know that when or if you do, there is a room just above your heads that can be used for just about anything.

If you aren’t sure what your walk-up attic space can be used for, keep reading. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by what you see to transform that space into something usable and perfect for you.

Walk-up Attic Turned Home Office

Whether you work from home or just want a quiet space to answer emails or be productive, your walk-up attic turned home office is the perfect place to do so. Quiet and out of the way, this room offers the perfect environment for getting things done.

Bedroom Sanctuary

Your walk-up attic can easily become a bedroom if an extra bedroom you so need. Having a bedroom on a separate floor all unto itself can feel like a mini-retreat for anyone lucky enough to sleep there.

Luxury Closet Storage

Attics make great storage spaces, but why not make it a special place to be by giving it a boutique-y vibe. With plenty of shelves, clothing racks, and mirrors, you may find getting dressed in the mornings your favorite thing to do.

Attic Turned Playroom

Adults aren’t the only ones who can appreciate a walk-up attic space. If toys scattered around the house drive you crazy, consider transforming your walk-up attic into a playroom for the kids’ things. Make sure to include a video camera to keep an eye on your beloved children when you need to leave the room.