4 Architecture Trends

Interior architecture and interior design are two different things. Interior architecture is the framework of a home – what determines what a room is used for. It’s an element of a home that’s difficult to change. Interior design, on the other hand, is the “software” in a home – the things an occupant can change like décor, furnishings, paint, flooring, etc.

Thanks to the pandemic, many homebuyers are more concerned with the interior architecture of a home. Certain aspects of a home’s structure are more desirable these days, including extra rooms, details that excite, access to outdoor spaces, and practicality over flawlessness. Let’s explore these four aspects a little closer, shall we?

1. More Rooms

The open floor concept has gone by way of the 8-track, at least for the older demographic. These days, people appreciate having defined rooms separated by walls and closing doors.

What’s more is that many buyers appreciate definite color changes from room to room as it allows them to feel their moods or change their moods, as the need may be. For a home to sell quickly in, it should contain both bright, sunny color schemes as well as rooms that give off a dark, moody vibe.

2. Interesting Details That Excite

Many of us have been stuck at home for a long time, staring at the same four walls. People in the market to buy and move are looking for details in a home that excite. A dramatic entryway, discussion-worthy fixtures, and exotic finishes usually only found in upscale restaurants and hotels are in high demand. In other words, maximalism is back with a vengeance this year.

3. Access To Outdoor Spaces

This is one of the biggest architectural aspects in. Access to outdoor spaces that brings the comfort of the indoors out and the beauty and natural vibe of the outdoors in. From floods of natural lighting and natural fibers and prints inside to plush, comfy furnishings and grand grills outside, there is little separation when going from outside in and inside out in the ideal home. Imagine watching the football game in your outdoor living room or enjoying your morning coffee watching the sun come up on your balcony. This is what buyers are looking for.

4. Practicality Over Flawlessness

The home has become an all-day everyday place where durability reigns king. As such, floors and other surfaces must be able to stand up to all the wear and tear. In many ways, buyers are embracing the imperfections of life and letting go of flawless perfection that once dominated a buyer’s list of must-haves in a new home. Of course, no two buyers are the same, so you must listen to what yours are saying and pay attention to their reactions to things they see in their home tours. Being able to recognize and memorize what they like and dislike is the fastest way to help a buyer find their dream home.