How To Create The Perfect Kids Desk Homework Station

In this day of online learning, it’s important kids have a space to do their schoolwork that’s not only functional but fun as well. If it isn’t both these things, they will be less inclined to use it. Follow the easy tips below to create a kids’ desk homework station that can double as a creative art station when the mood hits.

Keep It Simple

Unless you enjoy constantly cleaning up your kids’ workstation, make it easy for them to do it themselves. Make a spot for everything using baskets, bins, and shelves to keep things organized. Hang a corkboard above the desk for displaying important messages, reminders, and artwork.

Use The Vertical Space You Have

Space is often limited when it comes to kids’ homework stations, so utilizing the space you have efficiently is a great idea. Don’t forget that wall space can be used for storage solutions like bookcases, dressers, and other open or closed storage to help keep things neat and within reach.

Make It Personal

If you have the room, create a workstation for each child. Let them help decorate it. If space is limited, try to have individual bins, drawers, or cubbies for each child and let them personalize it as they see fit.

Think Inexpensive Yet Durable

Kids can be hard on things, so don’t break the bank building their homework station. Instead, look for pieces that are inexpensive yet durable, as well as easy to clean. Add pops of color in the space, which will add the fun touch it needs to draw the youngsters in.

Make It Fun

Functional is great, but if the space isn’t fun, your kids won’t want to spend time in it. Bring in color, pattern, and other elements to make it a kid-friendly space they enjoy spending time in.

In this day of online learning, it’s important kids have a space that’s conducive to their productivity and creativity. Building a homework station in your home is a great way to encourage kids to be serious about their schoolwork.