Make Your Home Look Beautiful With Black Walls

Black paint is a popular home décor choice this year, with it cropping up in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and all around the home. Here’s how to use it right to create a beautiful, bold display in your home.

Choosing Black Paint Colors

Black isn’t just black. There are many shades and finishes to choose from. Here’s how to choose the right shade and finish for your project.

Consider The Undertones

Black paint often carries an undertone that needs to be considered when choosing the right shade for your project. For example, black can have green or purple undertones that become more apparent when natural light hits it.

Consider these undertones when choosing your black paint to achieve the vibe you desire. For example, green undertones promote productivity, which is a great choice for a home office setting. On the other hand, purple undertones lend a calming effect, which is perfect for the bedroom.

Think Carefully About Finish

The finish of your black paint can make or break the overall effect of your project. Black is a bold choice, but its finish is a big part of the final result. Matte or flat finishes lend a warm touch to a black wall, and they help hide imperfections on the surface. Alternately, a shiny finish brings character to the color but should be reserved for the smoothest and most perfect surface as the sheen will highlight imperfections in the wall.

Overall, the best finish for black paint is often satin as it gives life to the color without drawing too much attention to imperfections in the wall.

Some Of The Best Black Colors For Your Home

Still not sure which black color to choose? Here are a few recommendations.

Tricorn Black Sw 6258, Sherwin-williams

Tricorn black lends a sophisticated and elegant touch to any room. It’s a modern true black that looks great when paired with greenery and other natural textures.

Racoon Fur 2126-20, Benjamin Moore

Racoon Fur is a warm, cozy black that works well in small spaces. It’s especially enveloping, which works well in a bedroom space.

Inkwell Sw 6992, Sherwin-williams

Inkwell is a dramatic black that pairs well with whites and off-whites. This color is a great choice in rooms where lighting isn’t a concern, as its inky hue lends a dark but inviting vibe.


Not quite black, Peppercorn is a deep gray that verges on black. If you can’t commit to a true black, this is a great choice to lend a moody touch to a bathroom, dining room, or bedroom.