5 Easy Bathroom Remodeling Hacks that Can Save You Tons of Money

When it comes to saving money on a home renovation, it really comes down to whether or not you can do some or all of the work yourself and your ability to think outside the box.

Not all remodeling projects require demolition first. Take the bathroom, for example. There are several ways to give this room a fresh, new appearance without all the hassle of gutting everything first. If you’ve been thinking your old bathroom could use an upgrade, take a look at the tips below. At first glance, they look like expensive bathroom renovations, but the reality is they are actually thrifty hacks designed to save you time and money.

1. Give Your Tub A Facelift

If you’d love to replace the tub in your bathroom, but the project just seems too big and too expensive, give it a facelift instead.

You can give the impression that you’ve replaced that old tub by purchasing a tub cover to go over your existing tub. Home improvement stores like Home Depot carry tub covers in various sizes, or you can have a custom-fit tub cover made that covers your old tub like a glove. Either way, you’ll never have to look at that old, stained tub again and it’ll only cost a fraction of the expense of a complete tub replacement.

2. Bye-bye Old Shower Tile

In addition to tub covers, you can also purchase shower liners to cover the old, damaged tile that’s covered your shower walls forever. There’s no need to remove said tile as the liner goes right over the top. Not only does it look like a brand-new shower, but it also will stop any water damage that’s been happening where the old tile has failed.

3. Open Up The Space

Most bathrooms tend to be on the smaller side, which can make them feel cramped and dark. You can help make your tiny bathroom look bigger and brighter by doing away with the shower curtain and installing some clear shower doors instead.

4. Replace Just A Few Pieces

No one says you have to completely gut your bathroom to make it fresh and new. Simply replacing a few of its features can really make a difference.

For example, replace the old vanity and sink with a new, modern design. Or switch out the mirror for something more ornate to give the room a different feel.

If other aspects of the room are still in good condition, there’s no need to change everything. Just replace what you don’t like or what’s broken and the room will look and feel new again.

5. Give It A Good Cleaning

A good cleaning goes a long way to make a bathroom look and feel good. After any type of remodeling project, make sure to clean the surfaces well and consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls to freshen it up. You’d be surprised at how just this little bit of elbow grease can improve your bathroom’s appearance.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, no one says you have to demolish it first to make it a beautiful space. Sometimes, you can simply make a few strategic changes here and there to give it a fresh, new look. Use the tips above to give your bathroom an upgrade without spending a ton of money to do so.