The Minimalist Art Your Gallery Wall Needs

If you’re looking for something simple yet impactful for your gallery wall at home, look no further than the newest trend in art design: line art. Art doesn’t have to be colorful or complicated to make a bold statement. Sometimes, the simplest pieces make the boldest statements.
Line art (#lineart on Instagram) has amassed a huge following with its less-is-more high-contrast approach. Featuring black lines against a white background, line art uses no shading or gradients to create an artful design with sharp contrast.

Line Art Isn’t A New Concept

Line art isn’t new. In fact, versions of this now-popular trend date back to caveman days when hieroglyphics adorned cave walls as a form of communication.Since then, famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse popularized the concept, and these days, you can find modernized versions of this minimalist artform on wall art, pillows, ceramics, wallpaper, and more. Online stores like Etsy carry thousands of line art products, and retailers such as Target, World Market, and Pottery Barn all carry line art home décor in their stores.

The Most Popular Line Art Pieces

Some of the most popular line art pieces include abstract faces and curvy bodies. These designs are often created with a single bold black line that loops and swirls around the canvas until it forms a sketch-like, expressive image.Placing one of these minimalist pieces in your home adds a subtle, high-contrast focal point to any room, and when combined with bold colors and patterns, is an impactful design choice sure to be noticed.If neutrals are more your thing, line art can also make the statement you’re seeking as the black-and-white design complements a neutral backdrop as well. Adding line art to a busy gallery wall or eclectic bookshelf is a great way to balance the design and add dimension to your space.To find line art pieces for your home, go online and do a search for “line art” in Google. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for and more!