5 Desk Organization Ideas To Keep Your Workspace Clean

If your desktop looks less like a productive workspace and more like the aftermath of a tornado touchdown, the following list is for you. Created for hardworking people like you, these desk organization ideas will help you tidy up your workspace, so you can get focused on getting things done.

1. Keep Your Desktop Simple

Everyone needs pens, pencils, a lamp, and other tools of the trade to do their work, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep them all on your desk. When your desk is cluttered, it makes it difficult to do your work, so consider moving some of these things to another area.

For example, place a small table or bookcase next to your desk to hold all the things you don’t use all the time. Staplers, extra pens, tape dispensers, etc. can sit there conveniently within arm’s reach without impeding your workspace.

2. Develop A System For Document Management

Papers pile up quickly, even in our digital age. To keep papers organized and easy to manage, develop a three-crate system. Label each crate with the documents it contains. For example, one could be for filing, one for shredding, and one for outgoing mail.

3. Make Your Own Desktop Organizer

Every job is different, so you likely have a few unique tools of your trade. Create a desktop organizer using wooden boxes, wire baskets, or plastic bins to hold all the things you need nearby. Paint or otherwise decorate your organizer to fit your personality and be sure to use it to keep everything in its place.

4. Make Room For Your Keyboard

If your keyboard takes up room on your desktop, move it to a keyboard tray that slides under your desk instead.

What? Your desk doesn’t have a keyboard tray? That’s okay!

There are plenty of DIY tutorials online to show you how to make one, or simply visit your local office supply store and purchase one. Either way, getting that thing off your desktop will give you more room and make your desk look less cluttered.

5. Use Drawer Organizers

It’s super easy to throw your pens, scissors, tape, etc. in a drawer, but the next time you need something specific, it’s a pain to find it. Keep your drawers as neat as the top of your desk by installing drawer organizers. Designed to keep even tiny paper clips in place, these organizers will be the best idea of all.

You’re a busy person who works hard. Keeping things organized is difficult without the proper equipment. Use the ideas outlined above to tidy up your workspace and keep it that way.