7 Dining Room Updates

The traditional formal dining room has gone by the wayside these days as many homeowners have turned them into part of the family living space. If you’re one of the few who still has a formal dining room, though, you can breathe new life into the space with a few simple updates. Here are several ideas to modernize the formal dining room.

1. Paint Makes Everything Better

Do the walls in your dining room leave a lot to be desired? Is the paint the same as it was when you moved in a decade ago? If so, you can give the room a fresh look by giving it a coat or two of paint. Choose a color that suits your preferences and makes you feel cozy and comfortable.

2. Change The Lighting

If the old light fixtures in your dining room do little more than collect dust, it’s time to switch them out for something new and modern. Consider pendant lights or recessed lighting for an interesting upgrade.

3. Relocate Your Dining Room

If you don’t enjoy eating in your dining room, relocate it to a room you do. For example, repurpose an extra bedroom or even a corner in your living room for your dining table and chairs. The room you eat in should be one you enjoy being in, so don’t limit yourself to a cramped corner off the kitchen if you don’t like it there.

4. Update Your Decor

Visual appeal in a room encompasses more than just the paint and fixtures. The décor should be such that it draws the eye and gives the viewer something to think about. Add works of art, hanging plants, or anything that interests you to your dining room to give it an interesting touch. Try not to pack too much into the space, however, to avoid making it feel cluttered and busy.

5. Add A Floor Covering

No one likes to hear a sliding chair scratch across a hard floor, so add a rug underneath the dining table. Think about the room’s décor and choose something with short fibers that won’t tangle chairs as they slide to and from the table.

6. Divide The Room

Many homes don’t have a dedicated dining area, but it’s possible to create one with simple room dividers. If your kitchen is large enough, add a room divider to create a dedicated dining space. Add shelves and other décor to make the divider part of the room.

Should you ever decide that division isn’t for you, you can always remove the divider and revert to the larger space.

7. Build It In

If your dining room features a centered table with several surrounding chairs, you may want to consider ditching the clunky furnishings for something sleek and functional such as built-in bench seating, china hutches, and buffets. These built-in features give you more floor space and plenty of storage while adding charm and function to your dining space.