6 Tips to Make Your Home a Happier Place

6 Tips to Make Your Home a Happier Place
When your home is your workspace, gym, classroom, and community center all confined inside its four walls, the space can become monotonous. If being at home doesn’t bring you as much joy as it once did, try these tips to make it a happier place.

Designate Space For Individual Activities

When home is where you do it all, it can be difficult separating all that you do under one roof. One way to create a better work-life balance at home is to designate space for each individual activity. For example, a bedroom can double as a workspace, while a corner in the living room can become a workout area complete with a yoga mat and some hand weights.If you live in a studio apartment, use bookshelves, curtains, etc. to divide the space into separate areas.

Invigorate With Color

Painting the walls is the easiest way to change the look and feel of a room without spending a great deal of money. For something that goes with everything, try a cool neutral color on all the walls. If you’re looking for something more vibrant, opt for a pop of color on a single feature wall.If you’re hoping to improve your mood with some color, choose a shade of blue or green as these colors are most often associated with good health and tranquility.

Clean And Declutter

Research shows that getting rid of clutter can reduce stress, so taking some time to clean and declutter your home will automatically make it a happier place. If the clutter in your home seems overwhelming, start your quest for less clutter in a small room such as a bathroom, which will give you a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to keep going.

Reduce Digital Time

Today, most people are connected to the digital world 24/7. This constant barrage of news and social media can distract from more important things like family and health. To reduce the impact these things have on your life, make it a point to do a digital detox in your home.Make supper time “no-phone” time or ban all digital devices from the bedroom for a daily reset to rejuvenate your mental health and rekindle those relationships that mean the most to you.

Embrace The Power Of Scents

Every room should have a different scent that suits the ambiance and your mood. There are many ways to infuse a room with scent: diffusers, candles, plug-ins, etc. so choose one that adds the level of scent you desire.Scents that work well in a home include woody scents like cedar to feel grounded, rosemary to invigorate, and incense to improve focus and for meditation.

Let There Be Light

Natural lighting enhances the look and feel of any room. If your home seems dark, try opening window treatments to allow light in. If you don’t have to worry about neighbors, you may even want to remove window treatments altogether to allow as much natural light as possible to flood the room.If you don’t have much natural light coming in, try using chrome and/or aluminum accents and mirrors to reflect light so the room appears brighter.If the home is where you spend a great deal of time, make it a happier place to be by trying some of the tips listed above.

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