Innovative Ways To Rethink Your Living Room Structure

If your living room resembles living rooms all around the country, it’s most likely centered around the television, which has become the heart of the home in this digital age. If your living room needs a change, consider an exciting alternative to a TV-centric layout. Here are several innovative ways to rethink your living room structure.

A Cozy Conversation Area

For some, the living room is more of an entertainment space. For others, however, it’s a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. You can create a cozy conversation area by placing two couches opposite each other with a coffee table in between. Alternately, one couch with two chairs opposite it works too.

Room For A Group Gathering

Create a great spot for a group of people to hang out in by situating a sofa and two chairs in a “U” shape. Place end tables between the couch and chairs or add a coffee table in the center of them all for plenty of space to set drinks upon. If you have a fireplace, this arrangement is perfect in front of it.

Footstools For The Win

Footstools are more than just places to put your feet. They can be added to any space to create extra seating while breaking up the flow of the space. Rather than placing them in front of a chair as a footrest, position one or two in front of a coffee table or between chairs to extend seating space and add excitement to the décor.

New Twist On The Old Sofa

One of the easiest ways to shake up your living room layout is to do away with the sofa altogether. Now, don’t worry – you’ll still have plenty of space to lounge because you’re going to replace it with a couple of comfy chaise-style lounge chairs. Place them side by side for a couch-like look, or put an end table between the two. Either way, you’ll still be able to lounge comfortably while enjoying the new twist on an old décor.

No Couch Needed

If you think no living room is complete without a couch, this idea may not appeal, but if you rarely use your couch, or you’re looking to free up some of that valuable space in your living room, check this out. Get rid of the couch completely, and replace it with two comfortable chairs. No one says you have to have a couch, and if your living room is small, this will help it look bigger.

Hide The TV

If you just can’t get away from having the TV in the living room, you can make it look as if it’s part of the décor instead of the center of the room. Do this by hanging a flat panel TV on the wall with some nice framed artwork around it. Alternately, you can hang it off-center while some other furnishing or wall décor (bookshelf or painting) takes center stage.Another way to indulge your TV-watching addiction without making it the focal point of the living room is to replace the TV with a projector and retractable screen. Today’s projectors are small enough to hide on a table or shelf, while the retractable screen hides nicely against the ceiling out of the way until it’s time to watch again.The living room is easily the main room in any home. For many, it’s a multipurpose room that tends to center around the TV. If your living room needs a little shaking up, try the innovative ways to rethink your living room structure above.