Give Your House A Retro Style

Back in the 1970s, home décor was a bit quirky and funky, but many of the design elements that were popular back then are timeless and making a comeback with a modern twist in today’s home décor trends.As the pandemic rages on, people are looking for warm and comforting styles and design elements that make them feel cozy, and much of the 70’s elements offer that. From wall-to-wall shag carpeting to a warm color palette and more, that design style was everything warm and comfy should be.Today’s modern 70’s style is much more understated but nonetheless dramatic, and below, we show you how to incorporate many of your favorite 70’s décor elements into your modern home today.

1. Wicker & Rattan Furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture made their debut as popular design elements back in the ’60s and ’70s, but they are making a comeback in today’s décor with a vengeance. This is because the woven furnishings bring a touch of fun texture to the crispness we’ve seen in modern homes as of late.To introduce wicker or rattan furniture into your home’s décor, start with a statement piece like a peacock chair or a hanging egg chair, both of which were extremely popular in the ’70s.

2. Layers Of Textures

The ’70s were all about texture, and while it could get a bit overwhelming at times, today’s 70’s texture has more of a “less is more” vibe.Layers of texture will help you achieve the retro style you desire, but the layers should be subtle. For example, lay a shag rug down in front of a sleek sofa or hang a macrame wall hanging over the couch with a couple of fringed throw pillows tossed in for good measure.

3. Warm Colors

Bright, warm colors adorned most homes in the ’70s, and while they brought happiness and cheer to the spaces, they could be somewhat overwhelming a lot of the time.Today’s 70’s inspired color palette takes cues from that decade but mutes them down a bit with earthy tones like avocado green (instead of emerald green) and terra-cotta red (as opposed to jewel-toned ruby). Use muted, earthy shades combined with warm neutrals to bring back a 70’s-inspired color palette in your home.

4. Retro Lighting

No retro-style home is complete without a few retro lighting fixtures scattered around. These lighting pieces make an even bigger impact when they contrast with the surrounding décor. Replacing some of your modern light fixtures with 70’s style geometric ones or the classic mushroom-shaped shades is a great way to bring back the retro vibe without overwhelming the space.The ’70s were a fun time in nearly every way, and home décor was certainly funky and quirky. If you loved the style back then, you’re in luck, because it’s making a comeback. Follow the tips above to bring a retro style into your modern home.