5 Ways To Incorporate Your Creative Side In Your Decor

There’s no place like home and surrounding yourself with the things you love makes the space even more meaningful. There’s no doubt your home reflects who you are. As such, why not truly make your house a home by incorporating your hobbies, talents, and passions into its décor.You don’t have to completely renovate your home to include the things you enjoy in its décor. In fact, you probably already own many of the items we’ll talk about below. If you enjoy something, use it to decorate your home so you feel more comfortable and more inspired.

1. Decorate With Seasonal Items

Just because you only play baseball in the summer doesn’t mean you forget about it when the snow flies. On the contrary, you probably think about it even more. Rather than storing your seasonal items in a closet when you can’t use them, try adding them to your home’s décor instead.Mount baseball bats on the wall or place your gloves and baseballs on shelves. Hang skis and other winter items from the ceiling for a unique décor idea. Since a lot of this stuff is used outdoors, there’s no need to worry about interim storage.

2. Display Your Talents

Do you like to paint on canvas or maybe cross stitch? If so, use your talents to create one-of-a-kind décor for your home. Not only will you enjoy making the decorations, your guests will love the fact that your home is so full of exciting things to look at.

3. Tell A Story With Your Collections

Most everyone is a collector of something. What kind of things do you like to collect? Coffee mugs? Stamps perhaps? What about books? Almost anything can be a collectible with a story. Instead of squirreling away your massive collection, why not put it on display for everyone to see?Each piece in your collection probably comes with a story – a story that means something to you and is a fascination for everyone else. Revel in the joy your collections bring when you use them as décor in your home.

4. Display Your Tools In A Handy Fashion

If you use specific tools for your hobby, keep them just an arm’s length away by hanging them where you use them most. Not only will it be more convenient to grab the tool you need when you need it, it’ll inspire some interesting conversations with guests who show interest in what you do.

5. Decorate According to Emotion

Your favorite things inspire emotion. That’s why they’re your favorite things. Decorate with the things you love based on how they make you feel. For instance, if that lovely shell you picked up on the beach last summer calms your mind, place it on your bedside table.If you own a first-edition copy of your favorite book, display it proudly on a bookshelf near your desk.When you see the things that evoke powerful emotions around your home, it becomes more your home than just a place to rest your head. These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate your creative side into your décor.