6 Ways To Get Great Furniture For A Great Price

If you’ve been dreaming of someday replacing that old chair or worn-out sofa with something new and exciting, get your shopping shoes on because today’s the day. While purchasing new furniture is usually a big investment, there are several ways to do it without spending your life’s savings. Here are six ways to get great furniture at a great price.

1. Browse Craigslist and/or Freecycle
Many an item can be found for sale online with gently-used furniture being plentiful. You may be leery of buying used furniture from complete strangers, but don’t knock it before you try it. The trick to Craigslist shopping is to browse higher-end areas to ensure you find higher-end pieces. Just make sure any cleaning or repairs don’t exceed your good deal.

Alternately, look on Freecycle for free furniture. People often give away perfectly fine pieces just to get rid of them, so give it a chance.

2. DIY Your Current Furniture
If you’re the handy or crafty type, you may want to consider reupholstering or refinishing your current furniture to make it appear brand new. This is a fun way to get exactly what you want without spending a lot of money to get it.

3. Look for Yard Sales, Estate Sales, and Garage Sales
Yard sales, estate sales, and garage sales are excellent places to find unique furnishings you may not have considered before. These places tend to practically give their things away, so if you’re in the market for a new recliner or some new end tables, check your neighborhood garage sales first.

4. Going-Out-of-Business Sales
If you’ve got some wiggle room, wait for going-out-of-business sales to get the best deals on new furniture. The best time to shop these sales is in the last week or two of the sale. While selection might be limited, the money you save could be huge.

5. Shop Thrift Stores
While there’s a huge difference from piece to piece in a thrift store, there are some real gems to be had when it comes to furniture. It may take more than one visit to find just what you’re looking for, but with just a little attention, you could end up with a wonderful piece of furniture at a bargain price.

6. Look for Clearance and Discount Sections
Your local furniture store may have a clearance section where they sell last year’s models or pieces with slight imperfections such as scuffs or dents at rock-bottom prices. Another option is discount retailers like Big Lots who sell brand name furniture at highly discounted prices. If gently-used isn’t your thing, one of these options can give you the new furniture you want at a price your wallet can handle.

If you’re in the market for some new furniture but think you can’t afford it, be sure to try the tips above. Depending on whether you mind used pieces or prefer something brand new, there are plenty of ways to get what you desire without breaking the bank.