April Victoria Housing Market Update

I meet many wonderful people in the course of my business and it fascinates me how each of us is so different. Different perspectives, approaches, personalities, values, skills, etc. and each having different personal circumstances which influence their decisions.  Buying or selling can be stressful, especially when the reason itself for moving is stressful.  I deal with estates, divorces, foreclosures, difficult tenancies, illnesses, etc.  The reasons for moving are myriad.  I try to ensure my clients are empowered and informed but the cards aren't always stacked in our favour. 

Stress makes decisions more difficult.  Steps may get skipped or missed when things are rushed or a client is distracted.  I call it panic management and I try to remain calm and not get flustered.  I have built robust systems and checklists to help manage many processes. 

But of course I'm human too, and can have off days.  I've made mistakes over my career, and I use each as a learning opportunity to improve and grow.  If there were a common theme, I'd say it is when I assume something about a client's needs, knowledge, or motivation that causes me to operate on a false belief.  I've been reading "The Four Agreements" again and it's a good reminder of the trouble we can get into when we act on our assumptions before checking on them.    

So, can I check with you on something?  Do you drink coffee?  How about tea?  Pop?  Water?  Have you tried bubble tea?  Why not schedule a refreshments meeting and we can catch up.  Liquids are on me!   

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Andrew Plank