4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Multifamily Homes

Real estate investing offers several avenues for making money. One such avenue is with multifamily homes. While this type of investing isn't for everyone, there are definite advantages associated with investing in a multifamily dwelling. Here are four reasons it's a good thing.

1. More money coming in. While multifamily homes may not be as good a return on your investment as single-family homes are, these properties almost always have a better cash flow

2. It's more convenient. Multifamily dwellings only have one lawn, one roof, one HVAC unit, etc. Everything is in one place, making it easy (and probably cheaper) to maintain the property.

3. Vacancies aren't as detrimental. Tenants move out. It's the nature of the beast, but when they leave a multifamily property, there are always other tenants living in the other units that continue to pay rent each month.

4. You can live in one of the apartments. Living in one of the units, you can qualify for the same types of loans you'd get when purchasing a single-family home, making it less expensive overall.