December Victoria Housing Market Update

2023 is behind us, for better or for worse, and a new year begins.  BC Assessments are out, averaging lower than last year's.  If you feel it is still too high (or too low), ask me for a copy of this year's "tax fighter's guide".  Interest rate hikes seem to be on pause, with some relief expected later this year.  Overall things are lining up for a steady spring market.  

What's new with me?  After much soul searching, I decided to try pickleball to see what all the fuss is about.  It IS fun.  I'm not hooked (there are some rabid fans out there) but I'm enjoying getting to know the game.  I've also reconnected with some old friends and am playing wallyball with them weekly.  What's wallyball?  Imagine volleyball but with rebounding off walls.  I've hired a personal and business coach and have now become someone who keeps a daily journal of my thoughts.  I'm still doing a weekly video blog with my colleague Jane and I think we have at least 3 regular viewers.  I formed a team with Josh Marek and we meet regularly as we plan out our business.  Each meeting begins with a 5 minute silent meditation which can look pretty funny to our colleagues at the office. 

What are your plans for the new year?  I hope to reconnect more and more with myself, friends, family, clients, my business, and my health.  At times, when it gets busy or off balance, these things are neglected and I'm finding that I need always remember what is important.

Andrew Plank