6 Ways To Get Great Furniture For A Great Price

Posted on May 01, 2023

If you’ve been dreaming of someday replacing that old chair or worn-out sofa with something new and exciting, get your shopping shoes on because today’s the day. While purchasing new furniture is usually a big investment, there are several ways to do it without spending your life’s savings. Here are six ways to get great furniture at a great price...

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March Victoria Housing Market Update

Posted on Apr 21, 2023

Although most people cannot afford to own multiple properties, anyone can approach real estate from a growth perspective and look at their property (or future property) as an asset and investment in addition to a home. Over my 16 years in real estate, I have observed that the people who are most successful at building equity and leveraging their pr...

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Talking Stratas with Home Inspector Russell Cass

Posted on Apr 20, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Today on the Victoria Real Estate Show. Jane and Andrew have strata Depreciation Report Analyst and home inspector Russell Cass talking about Stratas... Know What You Are Selling. What to pay attention to in the documents before you list the strata property.

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Different strategies to offering on a home!

Posted on Apr 13, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

There are different strategies to offering depending on how long the home has been on the market. Andrew and Jane discuss how we work with buyers to determine their offer price depending on their and sellers' motivations.

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Tips To Organize Your Bedroom

Posted on Apr 10, 2023

For many people, the bedroom is an important space. It’s where they go to relax, sleep, get ready in the morning, hang out, and unwind. It serves many purposes, but as a result, it often ends up in a cluttered, messy space. This not only looks bad, but it’s also not conducive to rest and relaxation. If you must dodge piles of clutter at every turn...

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It's our Monthly Real Estate Market Update!

Posted on Apr 06, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Today on the Victoria Real Estate Show! It's our Monthly Real Estate Market Update! Today Andrew and Jane have guest Rochelle Dale from RE/MAX Shuswap who will be reviewing and commenting on our stats. She will talk about the similarities and differences on marketing, selling in the Shuswap Salmon Arm area, what the demographics of buyers are in th...

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