March 2023

Give Your House A Retro Style

Posted on Mar 15, 2023

Back in the 1970s, home décor was a bit quirky and funky, but many of the design elements that were popular back then are timeless and making a comeback with a modern twist in today’s home décor trends.As the pandemic rages on, people are looking for warm and comforting styles and design elements that make them feel cozy, and much of the 70’s eleme...

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What is Feng Shui and how does it affect how your house shows?

Posted on Mar 13, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Today with Andrew and Jane. What is Feng Shui and how does it affect how your house shows? Sam Plosive from QiPro Sam will explain about Feng Shui and how we perceive it in our homes, respond to it in showings.

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Innovative Ways To Rethink Your Living Room Structure

Posted on Mar 07, 2023

If your living room resembles living rooms all around the country, it’s most likely centered around the television, which has become the heart of the home in this digital age. If your living room needs a change, consider an exciting alternative to a TV-centric layout. Here are several innovative ways to rethink your living room structure.

A Cozy Con...

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Real Estate Market Update March 6th!

Posted on Mar 06, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Today Jane and Andrew will update you with the latest market stats. Let's see how those new rules and mortgage rates are helping and hindering sales.

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February Victoria Housing Market Update

Posted on Mar 02, 2023

Prices have dropped steadily from a peak last spring (today closer to 2021 levels), but appear to be leveling as we move into spring 2023. If you've been on the fence, waiting for prices to reach rock bottom, you may not need to balance there much longer. I'm aware of more multiple-offers and an increase in buyer activity recently. But will this be...

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