November 2022

4 Reasons Why Skylights are a Good Upgrade

Posted on Nov 29, 2022

Not many homes have skylights, but in the ones that do, the homeowners rave about this lovely feature. In most cases, people won’t install skylights in their homes, mainly because the upgrade can be rather costly. Despite the high price tag, however, there are several reasons you should save up your pennies and consider installing a skylight or two...

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ALERT!  Major shift in housing policy enacted in BC

Posted on Nov 28, 2022

I want to alert you to a recent change to BC law.  I anticipate this will have wide reaching consequences for many strata property owners and those looking to purchase a strata unit.          

In a nutshell, the provincial government has just amended the Strata Property Act to remove ALL rental restrictions (other than short-term rentals) and ALL age restricti...

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Make Your Home Look Beautiful With Black Walls

Posted on Nov 22, 2022

Black paint is a popular home décor choice this year, with it cropping up in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and all around the home. Here’s how to use it right to create a beautiful, bold display in your home.

Choosing Black Paint Colors

Black isn’t just black. There are many shades and finishes to choose from. Here’s how to choose the right shade an...

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Provincial News Release targets age and rental restrictions in BC Stratas

Posted on Nov 21, 2022 in Real Estate 101

Link to news release:  

Removing existing rules from BC stratas for age and rental restrictions could significantly shift the landscape of values and supply/demand in Victoria. While stratas will still have the power to limit short-term rentals, existing rental restriction bylaws for regular rentals are likely...

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Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services

Posted on Nov 17, 2022 in Real Estate 101

Right from the start, it is important to confirm the working relationship you have with the REALTOR you are talking to. There are many subtleties to representation and the disclosures and services available to you based on that representation. This is a very general overview and invitation to dive deeper into understanding how representation works...

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Redecorating Your Kitchen? Here are a Few Ideas

Posted on Nov 15, 2022

The kitchen is an integral part of any home. It’s often a place where busy families come together at the end of the day to eat, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. It may also be a multi-purpose room where parents work from home as children do their homework. Whatever your kitchen is to you, it should showcase your personality through its décor...

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