December 2023

Upgrade Fixtures For Instant Home Modernization

Posted on Dec 18, 2023

The beauty of upgrading fixtures lies in the details. New lighting can alter the ambiance of a room, making it warmer and more welcoming. Similarly, updated faucets can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or bathroom. These small changes can significantly enhance the overall appeal of your home. 🚰

Consider fixture upgrades as a cost-effective wa...

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Invest in Victoria Real Estate for Financial Stability

Posted on Dec 11, 2023

Real estate, your gateway to a secure future."" 🏡 In Victoria, BC, investing in property isn't just about finding a place to call home; it's about building a foundation for financial security. The real estate market here offers diverse opportunities for long-term growth and stability.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to expand your portf...

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Monthly Market Update with Jen Lowe PLUS the Latest Rate Announcement!

Posted on Dec 08, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Today's our Monthly Market Update! Jane and Andrew will discuss the latest market stats and how they affect buyers and sellers. PLUS the latest bank announcement happened yesterday. What do we have in store for the next year? Jen Lowe from Dominion Lending will discuss this with us.

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Transform your Garage with Smart Storage Solutions

Posted on Dec 04, 2023

In the quest for a clutter-free home, don't overlook your garage. Installing shelving or hanging systems can transform this often underutilized space into a haven of organization. It's not just about storing your car; it's about creating a functional area for tools, sports equipment, and seasonal items. 🛠️

Think of your garage as an extension of you...

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November Victoria Housing Market Update

Posted on Dec 01, 2023

I have been on a journey to get fit for a couple of years and can say that I now feel younger and stronger than I have in a long time.  I'm not going to win any swimsuit competitions, but I'm sure enjoying feeling more energetic. 

I knew I needed guidance and accountability, so I hired personal trainer Paris Demers (who's since become internet famous...

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Home Ownership Models, Wills and Estates with Guest Del Elgersma

Posted on Dec 01, 2023 in The Victoria Real Estate Show

Today at 9:30!! Often an overlooked and important part of buying a home, is what happens to it if you or your partner passes away. Together with Del Elgersma we will discuss the different types of ownership, the use of trusts for property, and the changes in rules, and most importantly, what do you need to have in place in your will to leave the le...

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